The Only Guide You Need to Boost Up Your Blog Traffic and to Maximize Your Blog Earning (2018 Edition).

Blogging In 2018: How To Hit The Bull’s Eye?

Updated on: October 14, 2020
Blogging In 2018
How to Boost Up Blog Traffic

2017 was another great year for the bloggers. As we step into 2018, there are many trends that bloggers need to implement in the current year. Some of them deserve a mention here:

• Write More Long-Form Content

The web is a primary source of information for industry experts who read blogs to build their knowledge vault. They want to get quick information about their profession, a trend in their industry, or a new idea. In other words, reading blogs is a serious business for them. So they are not interested in reading a generic 500-word long article.

According to Curata, long-form content generates 8X more page views, 3X more shares, and 9X more lead generation. Therefore, you need to serve in-depth information to your audience that a 500-word article can’t do. Being a professional blogger, it is important for you to write high-quality articles that can explain a topic to the core. Therefore, your articles have to be longer and meatier to get the attention of today’s online readers.

In 2018, you have to commit yourself to writing long-form articles that can serve the readers with more helpful information and less fluff.

• Publish More Vlogs

Blogging Tips 2018

Video blogging was at the tipping point in 2017 and it is going to be even bigger in the current year. According to Orbit Media, videos are the leading form of visual content that bloggers incorporated in their articles, followed by audio, and lists.

Viewers love watching videos as it is interactive and they take less time to learn a topic as compared to reading an article. Besides, more people are logging in to YouTube to watch educational videos. Tech crunch reveals that more than 1.5 billion of users log in to YouTube to watch video content.

In a nutshell, the video content is going to dominate the year 2018 in blogging.

• Make A Schedule Of Your Blog Posts

HubSpot conducts a survey to find out what frequency of posts produces better results. According to the survey, the business blogs that published more than sixteen blogs every month gained 3.5X more visitors than the others. The point here is to publish more posts in a month. On an average, you need to publish at least 20 posts in a month.

• Spice Up The Design Of Your Blog

Best Blogger Theme

Blogs are no longer just about plain writing and there is a big deal of design work that goes into making your blog more appealing and functional to your audience. Today, the blogs look more like a website with plenty of buttons, widgets, and third-party applications to make it easier for the users to search or use anything. In 2018, there will be more bloggers who will work on their blog design and make it more user-friendly for the visitors.

So sit down with your designer and let him know the layout for your blog that includes all the ingredients of a contemporary web design.

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• Keep Rocking The Social Media World

Social media continues to dominate the realm of content marketing. When other platforms struggle with keeping up with the demands of online users, social media takes the lead with its better functionalities. Live streaming is a recent example of how you can engage with millions of people in real-time within a matter of seconds. Using live streaming, you can now directly interact with your audience and let them about hottest things.

In addition, the visual content continues to attract more people on Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Today, these photo-sharing websites have become a podium for social celebrities and influencers to get the attention of the people and get them to their blogs.

Therefore, if you want to beat the competition in this year, you need to slog more time on social media websites.

• Strategize Your Blogging

Content Marketing Institute conducts a survey of the leading businesses in B2B content marketing. According to the survey, the organization that has a documented content marketing strategy has 61% more successful than the competition.

To start off, you can set certain goals that include the monthly targets of your blog post. HubSpot recommends writing more than 16 blog posts every month as it can allow you want to generate 3.5X more traffic than your competitors. Therefore, if you want to grow more traffic on your blog in 2018, it is time to speed up your blogging and meet the mark of over 16 blog posts every month.

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