13 Benefits of Blogging and Why People Do Blogs?

Updated on: June 13, 2019
13 Benefits of Blogging and Why People Do Blogs
Benifits of blogging for student bussness education

When the blogging was started the first blog was really puffed up in online journals and the blogger was known as the professional blogger but the making money on the blogs was not the aim. After the passage of time, people start blogging for many different fields like education, health, fashion, entertainment, business, marketing and many more. Blogging becomes the most developed field over the last years and there are also a lot of benefits in blogging.

Benefits of blogging

After the research, we discovered that blogging has so many benefits and that’s why we found some bonus benefits of the blogging which may be empowering and helpful for you and for your company

A chance to express yourself

Why blogs are so popular

Blogs gave the platform to express your thoughts, feelings, and ideas according to your passion. Every famous blogosphere has his specific field in blog writing and he shares his ideas, suggestions, information’s, and thoughts in his field. Blogging provides the opportunity to connect with the network of people who belongs to the same passions.

Create a Difference

reasons why should i blog

Some people write a blog on the same passion but still, their blogs look different from others. That’s why they become a famous blogger because there is always something unique in their blogs and this quality increase their fan following.

Polish Your Writing Skills

why people reads blog

Blogging is a great source to polish your writing skills because the more you write, the more you polish your skills. The professional bloggers write their blogs on a daily basis that’s why they have excellent writing skills. Though it is not important that good writers always write successful blogs.

Increase your visibility

Purpose of Blog

If you want to become a visible writer then start blogging on social media. The social media provide you the visibility because people search for information on a daily basis. If your information is related to their searching then Google will show your content as people connect with your blogs and it will increase the chance of visibility.

Improve your memory

Uses of Blog

Practicing the mind through learning and writing is the most beneficial exercise to the neurons. We do physical exercise to make our body fit. The brain needs encouragement and action to make our nervous system fit. You will be stunned by what you will recall from taking an interest in mental bounding given by blogging exercises.

Make money

Make Money from Blogs

In the beginning, people did not write blocks with the intention of making money but nowadays blogging become the business, companies especially hires the bloggers. There are also freelance bloggers who write blogs generally. If you also want to make money through blogs then gain experience and specialities of a successful blogger.

Make your own network

How much can we make with a blog

Blogging is the community-based network and it is a great source to engage people in it. However, you are a sole proprietor and blogging for the marketing of your own business. This network will facilitate the growth of your product. Meanwhile, make your online networking strong it is the side benefits like achieving the access to important software, workshops, tools, seminars, and other community-based events.

Increasing Creativity

Creative blog Writing

Writing on a regular basis will increase the creativity of your mind and focused also improve creativity. When someone starts doing consciously activities, it means that he starts thinking from out of the box.

Make your own online Portfolio

Online portfolio

Blogging is a great source for seeking freelance writers and authors to make up an online portfolio. To displaying their writing skills on the huge platforms to spaciously reach with the freelancers that can also be built their contact and sign new customers.

Build FAQs on your website


The blog is also the big source to create the Frequently Asked Questions on your website, the FAQ section of websites includes the general questions with the short answers. You can add the videos, pictures, and diagrams and also you can add the links of your blogs in the FAQ. By this, your victors can get the information about your blog topics which may they are searching. Because if the victors start researching in the middle of the night and your office isn’t open so, they can get the information by FAQs.

Learn about a group of People

Why people do blogs

Blogosphere spends most of the time in the sharing of their ideas and thoughts on the insights of the readers. This is not one side transaction, if you look deeply, you will see the reader also shares a lot with you. Readers makes the will of the writers and you can learn a lot when you start reading their comments on your blogs. This learning helps you to know the demands of your reader and what type of blogs you have to write.

Collect your emails

Email marketing

Emails are still the most authentic and official way of online communication. Officials check their emails on a regular basis because they are used to receiving important updates. To get the primary email of someone is not easy but if you get it, you can directly contact that person. By this, you can get their attention and you can directly inform them about your new blogs.

Help others by your blogs

Help Others

Every good and informative blog help the readers because it is the free information that how to make online money. So many people think to facilitate their self by reading this information. There are so many categories of blogs like health, fashion, education, business and many more. So the blogs can help the people that are related to each of these categories. For instance, blogs can help people in losing weight, about new trends and fashion, about information related to education and different specific subjects. The blog educates the people and it is the powerful source of helping them.

Start writing your blog today

Nowadays technology and internet become the more entrenched part of our life. So, it is impossible to ignore the benefits of blogging and making a website because bloggers don’t need extraordinary degrees or HTML information. There are so many free platforms for blogging by them you can make yourself an expert in blogging then you can build your personal website by using blogger.com because it is simple and easy to use.

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