Must Known Blogging Tips for Beginners and Mistakes to Avoid That Bloggers Usually Do While Writing Blogs So Your Blog Can Stand High as Compare to Other.

4 Pitfalls You Need To Avoid While Writing Blogs!

Updated on: April 09, 2018
Mistakes to avoid while writing blogs
Usual mistakes that blogger's do

For a newbie, Blogging can seem like a cool thing that he can do at the comfort of his personal space or the cubicle of his office. It is when he actually delves into this big world that he knows the realities of this demanding job.

Many people consider blogging as just an extension of writing. However, the two are different in many ways. Unlike writing, blogging is a multifaceted job with various aspects including writing, search engine optimization, and publishing to name a few. So when you become a blogger, you have to do a sort of grounding before you can start blogging.

Unfortunately, not many bloggers bother to go through the upskilling process prior to becoming a blogger which is why they commit serious blunders in the course of their blogging journey.

Being a blogger myself, I’ve also done some serious goofs in the early phase of blogging that kept me from achieving my goals. But I don’t want you to suffer the ramifications of those mistakes and this is why I’ve rounded up some of the common pitfalls of blogging that you must avoid as a newbie blogger:

1. Ignoring Your Audience

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Blogging addresses a particular audience. When you start writing blogs without first learning about your target readers, you become just another voice in the cacophony of the blogging world. Being a blogger, you can get attention only when you address a specific audience that you can enrich with your articles.

So before you jump into blogging, you need to sit down and think about the finely-grained audience who are going to benefit from your write-ups. Are they fitness freaks? Are they food lovers? Are they traveling enthusiasts?

And equally important to know are their geographic and socioeconomic background. Are they North America, Europeans or Asians? Are you going to address the elites of a particular region or will you be writing about the issues of the working class?

Answering these questions will enable you to write articles on appropriate topics that will serve the right information to your audience.

2. Writing On Too Broad Topics

A blogger is as good or as bad as his topics are. What topics you pick for your articles define your scope of writing. Writing on too broad or generic topics will do no good to your audience. Let’s say you are a fitness blogger who educates people regarding their fitness and diet regimen. If you choose topics like “How to stay healthy in life?” or “Best Foods For Your health?” you are not going to help your audience as they are too general to do any good to them.

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To make the topics more viable to your audience, you need to focus more on specific topics like “How To Get Back Into Shape After Pregnancy?” or “The Best Foods To Fortify Your Gut Health”. Such topics are going to make more impact as they address the specific issues that factor in lives of your specific audience. Besides, you will be able to catch the attention of a more targeted segment of readers.

3. Building A Taut Style Of Writing

The preponderance of new blogs has one thing in common: They all have a highly formal or a sort of academic style of writing. The common features of such writing are the use of formal tone, jargons, technical terminologies, and long paragraphs. Remember that blogging is entirely a different ballgame than writing academic journals or a literature paper. What new bloggers need to understand is that an article is only as good as easy it sounds.

So you need to cultivate a writing style that can pull in the readers and make it easier for them to understand the gist of your blogs. In other words, you need to keep a conversational style of writing, make use of easy vocabulary and break your information into short paragraphs.

4. Not Posting Regularly

Just like any other successful things, blogging is effective only when you are consistent in your approach. Writing random posts not only confuse your readers, it also affects the flow of traffic on your blog.

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Let me draw an analogy here. I love reading Paulo Coelho. Every year, I look forward to his books and always grab the first copy. But whenever he takes a hiatus, I have no option but to read works of Elizabeth Gilbert or Ian McEwan.

Similarly, your blog readers want to hear from you at regular intervals. Just like a fan, they look forward to new articles. But when you take long gaps between your write-ups, it frustrates your readers and they jump to other blogs.

Apart from killing the interest of your readers, random blogging also hurts the flow of traffic to your blog. The reason is simple. The more articles you write, the more people subscribe to your blog which in turn pull in more people to your blog.

Hubspot reveals that websites that publish 16 blogs in a month get 3.5X more traffic than the bloggers who publish 0-4 articles in a month. Therefore, you can set 16 blogs as the least number of articles you should publish in a month.

To keep the frequency of your blogs in check, you need to create an editorial calendar and mention the posts along with the date of publishing.

Final Thoughts…

It is commonplace to see bloggers make silly mistakes like the ones that we mentioned above. So if the aforementioned blunders are the reasons of your flagging enthusiasm as a blogger then it is time to get back in the saddle and start blogging again.

Share your experience, comment and let other know the mistakes you have done as a beginner.

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